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Laughing Awkwardly
18 February 2012 @ 6:07 PM | 0 individual(s)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *enough* Okay aku nak bedekak gila baca satu website nih:
Menurit page tu Weirdy bermaksud:

1.Weirdy11 thumbs up
1.someone who has issues..
2. that one guy you know used to eat glue, smells like pee, and is in college still collecting pokemon cards..
3. that one creepy guy with a beardy which you make rhyme weardy with a beardy (oops sorry grandma!)
4. someone who lives in awkward land is completely an antisocial bizarre being who reeks of liver and onions 
dood1: man i was watching this kick butt movie "shoot em up" in theaters when this guy kept twitching and spilling popcorn all over the place!!
dood2: man what a weirdy!

5 up1 down
A person who is strange, odd.
A: 'Think I'm just gonna play Magic on my own tonight...' 

B: 'You fucking weirdy.'

3. Weirdy
1 thumb up

!) an insulting name to call someone
2) a way to describe something
3) someone annoying, odd, weird, frustrating, or stupid
4) a way to describe an indescribable person
you're a total weirdy!
ugh, this is so weirdy...

1 up2 down
A word to generally put before the adjective 'weird', which is known to sound very, very cool in society parties.
'Do you know Mike?'
'Of course, he's such a weirdy weird.'

My lord. Okay sebenarnya first aku cari Google apa means 'Weirdy' sebab perkataan tu aku sendiri yang create! Masa tuu masa dah dalam 6 bulan lebih buat Facebook account. Then taktahulah macam mana aku boleh terdatangnya idea amik perkataan Weird then tambah Y je dekat belakang tu. Like seriusly aku tak tipu! 

Nah baru je nih kes Account Facebook aku dipaksa tukar nama As Soon As Possible kan? Hmm geram + menyirap + membara + menggelegak semua ada. Okay listen up;
First, Fb suruh tukar nama. Sebab perkataan Weirdy tu dianggap as Suspended. Omputih dok sibuk tiru nama Weirdy tuu sampai banyak sangat account fake.Second, bila aku dah tukar nama Wnadiaa Dean's, then aku nak tukar balik TAK BOLEH sbb dah LIMIT.
Phew fuck ah aku cakap. Tu aku dah malas nak on fb dah. So I'm more to Blogger & Twitter :'( Hmm dulu dengar cerita fb nak tutup kan ? Ha bagus ah tutup ah cepat cepat. Haha kesian uolls. Alah Mark tu pun dah jadi jutawan kan? Hihi

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Dear Sticky Note,
Semua hotel dah full booked! Habis cuti ni nak spend dekat manaaaaa :( >> 4th June | 6:18 p.m
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