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25 March 2011 @ 5:00 PM | 0 individual(s)
Hell-ooooooo Stalkerr

Hye There ? Lama kan Nad tak edit blog ? Hee , nak tahu knape ? Cause skrang sebok Texting / Calling / Chatting / Dating dgn Nazhrul Ikmal :)  Alhaaii , Angau betul kan Mak Cik Nadia neh kan kan ? 
Hanisah Said : Asyik meng-ANGAU memanjang jeh kan Cik Nadia neh :D
Nadia Replied : Hehe , Sekali sekala sayangg hoyy . Bukan slalu pun boleh senyum smpai ke petang
 * Dengan senyuman Menggoda 

Haha :D Okay Thats The Reality . Know What ? Im Taken :* So Youuu Guys DONT Disturb me kay ? Or You'll Get A BIG Slap From Me And Nazhrul And Byeee :*


A 17th years old girl with plectrum.
Sit, silent and read.
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Dear Sticky Note,
Semua hotel dah full booked! Habis cuti ni nak spend dekat manaaaaa :( >> 4th June | 6:18 p.m
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