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Geraaammm Gilaaa-laaaaa-laaaaaa
02 November 2010 @ 12:07 AM | 0 individual(s)
Eyyy ! Geram Siakk Bile Kite Dh Type Post Dkt Blog Ney , 
But Ttbe Jari Ney Gatal TERTEKAN Close Window !
Grrr , Dh Lha .
Tknk Post Bbyk .
Saket Hati Jhe **

Yeah , You're Laughing 

A 17th years old girl with plectrum.
Sit, silent and read.
Enjoice Readers!

Dear Sticky Note,
Semua hotel dah full booked! Habis cuti ni nak spend dekat manaaaaa :( >> 4th June | 6:18 p.m
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