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12 October 2010 @ 3:41 AM | 0 individual(s)
Yess And Yess And Yess !
Minggu Ney Ade Yg Best And Ade Yg TRUELY bad .
Know Why ?
Someone Makes Me Hurt ** Hm
Changing Topic Ouke ?

So, Yg Best Nye Sbb Hari Tho My Auty Kahwen Pade Tarikh 10.10.10 
Mmg Best Plus Syokk Gile .
Hahah , Sengal **
And Minggu Ney Jugak , Kite Org Naek Scola After Mangse PMR Semue Dh Perang 
Habes Habesan Utk Exam Diorang .
Scola Scola Scola =="
Err , No Comment .
Mesti Cikgu Semue Nk Bincang Krje Scola And Krje Scola Aku Blum Siap KOT ?..
Konon Cover Line , Haha **

And Lastly :
Saya Sayangg Bestiee Saye Yang 
Comel , Gorgeous , Baek , Fham Qyla , Support Well Utk Qyla 
Yang Bernama Nur Haziqah .
Tengs For Everythings
And Totally Tengs Jugak Pade Ahmoy , Neddy .

I Love Korang More More And More Lah <3


A 17th years old girl with plectrum.
Sit, silent and read.
Enjoice Readers!

Dear Sticky Note,
Semua hotel dah full booked! Habis cuti ni nak spend dekat manaaaaa :( >> 4th June | 6:18 p.m
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